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JAKE 2.0


<DIV align=center>13 GHOSTS OF SCOOBY-DOO - Complete 1 vhs


ALF TV SHOW - TAPE 1: Can I Get A Witness?, Isn't It Romantic, Prime-Time, Wedding Bell Blues, Something's Wrong With Me, I'm Your Puppet, Night Train, Hail To The Chief, The Boy Next Door, We're So Sorry Uncle Albert, Varsity Drag, Someone To Watch Over Me Part 1 &amp; 2, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Movin Out, Tequila

ALF TV SHOW TAPE 2: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Baby You Can Drive My Car, Mother &amp; Child Reunion, Little Bit of Soap, Going Out of My Head Over You, Weird Science, Lookin Through The Window, The Gambler, Try To Remember Pt 1-2, Come Fly With Me, La Cucaracha, Pretty Woman, You Ain't Nothin But A Hound Dog, Working My Way Back To You, Ballad Of Gilligan's Island, Take A Look At Me Now

C.H.i.P.S. TAPE 1 - Alarmed, In The Best of Families, Silent Partners, Flare Up, Meet The New Guy, Something Special, This Year's Riot, Head Over Heels


DRAGON'S LAIR - 1 VHS (list coming soon)

ELECTRIC COMPANY - 1 VHS (approx 4 hours)

FANGFACE - The Shocking Creature Feature, The Invisible Menace Mixup

GROWING PAINS VOLUME 1- Pilot, Springsteen, Jealousy,Carol's Article, Superdad!, Mike's Madonna Story,Weekend Fantasy, Slice of Life, Carol's Crush, Dirt Bike (I also have Growing Pains The Movie 2000)

GROWING PAINS VOLUME 2 - Standardized Test, The Love Song of M.Aaron Seaver, First Blood, Slice of Life II, The Seavers VS. The Cleavers, Charity Begins At Home,Reputation, The Anniversary That Never Was, Be A Man, Career Decision, Extra Lap, Jason And The Cruisers, Fast Times At Dewey High, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Call Me, Employee of the Month

GROWING PAINS VOLUME 3 - Jimmy Durante Died For Your Sins, Carnival, The Awful Truth, Born Free, The Long Goodbye, Confidentially Yours, Aloha Pt 1-2, Taking Care Of Business, Not Necessarily The News, Michaelgate, Big Brother Is Not Watching, A Star Is Born,Gone But Not Forgotten, Who's Zoomin Who?, This Is Your Life, Broadway Bound

GROWING PAINS VOL. 4 - The Scarlet Letter, A Reason To Live, Nasty Habits, The Marrying Kind, State of the Union, The Mom Who Knew Too Much, Great Expectations, Bringing Up Baby, Dance Fever Pt 1 &amp; 2, The Obscure Objects of Our Desire Pt 1 &amp; 2, How The West Was Won Pt 1 &amp; 2, Graduation Day, Birth of A Seaver, Family Ties Pt 1 &amp; 2</DIV>
<DIV align=center>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV align=center>GROWING PAINS VOL 5 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?, Homecoming Queen, Nude Photos, Ben's First Kiss, The Nanny, Mandingo, In Carol We Trust, Mom of the Year, Semper Fidelis, Feet of Clay, Anniversary from Hell, Fortunate Son, Double Standard, The Recruiter, Show Ninety-Who Knew?, Second Chance, The Looooove Boat Pt 1</DIV>
<DIV align=center>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV align=center>GROWING PAINS VOL 6 - The Loooove Boat Pt 2, Anger With Love, Mike &amp; Julie's Wedding, Carol Meets The Real World, Fish Bait, Teach Me, Carol's Papers, Coughing Boy, The New Deal Pt 1 &amp; 2, Paper Route, Five Grand, Carol's Promotion, Ben &amp; Mike's Excellent Adventure, The Triangle, The Return of the Triangle, The Home Show</DIV>
<DIV align=center>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV align=center>GROWING PAINS VOL 7 - Jason Vs.Maggie, Mike the Teacher, Carol In Jail, Future Shock, Cheating, Mike the Director, Weekend At Mike's, Ben's Movie, Where There's A Will, Mike's Choice, Daddy Mike, Ben's Sure Thing, Jason Flirts Maggie Hurts, Not With My Carol You Don't, Meet The Seavers, Carol's Carnival

VOLUME 8: Back To School, Stop Luke & Listen, In Vino Veritas, Paper Tigers, The Young & The Homeless, Jason Sings The Blues, The Kid's Still Got It, There Must Be A Pony, The Big Fix, Home Malone, Bad Day Cafe, B=MC2, The Call of the Wild, Honest Abe, Vicious Cycle,

VOLUME 9: Menage A Luke, The Five Fingers of Ben, Don't Go Changin', The Truck Stops Here, Maggie's Brilliant Career, The Wrath of Con Ed, The Last Picture Show Pt.1 & 2

HE-MAN &amp; MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - VOLUME 1 - Skeletor's Revenge, The Dragon Invasion, The Curse of The Spellstone, The Creatures From The Tar Swamp, She Demon of Phantos, Dawon of Dragoon, The Song of Celice, Daimar The Demon, The Dragon's Gift, The Return of Orko's Uncle, The Mystery of Man-E-Faces, Quest For The Sword, Orko's Favorite Uncle

HE-MAN VOLUME 2 - "Greatest Adventures of All": Diamond Ray of Disappearance, Teela's Quest, Colossor Awakes, The Starchild, Orko's Lost Magic, Dree Elle's Return, Game Plan, Movie: The Secret of the Sword

JONNY QUEST REAL ADVENTURES VOLUME 1 - Creeping Unknown, Secret of the Clay Warriors, Skulduggery, Vikong Lives, The Scourge of Skyborg, Peril of The Reptilian, Nightmares of Steel, Deadly Junket, The Monolith Man, Warlord of the Sky, Forty Fathoms Into Yesterday, Jonny's Golden Quest (movie), Aliens Among Us

THE LITTLES - The Lost City of The Littles, The Big Scare, Spirits of the Night, The Little Winner, A Big Cure For A Little Illness, The Little Scouts, Deadly Jewels, The Little Girl Who Could, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Every Little Vote Counnts

MR. T CARTOON - 1 VHS (list coming soon)

PAC-MAN VOL. 1 - The Great Pac-Quake, Hocus Pocus Pac-Man, The Day the Forest Disappeared, Sir Chomp-A-Lot, Here's Super-Pac, Hey Hey It's P.J., The Pac-Mummy, Nighty Nightmare, A Bad Case of the Chomps, Goo Goo at the Zoo, Neander Pac-Man, Backpackin Packy, The Super Pac-Bowl, Journey to the Pac Past, Public Pac Enemy No.1, The Old Pac-Man &amp; the Sea, The Greatest Show in PacLand, Southpaw Packy, Pac Baby Panic, The Genii of Pacdad, P.J. Goes Hollywood, Pac Van Winkle, Happy Pacs-Giving, Presidential Pac-Nappers, Picnic In PacLand, Pacula, Trick or Chomp, Super Ghosts, Pac Man In the Moon, Invasion of the Pac Pups, Journey to the Center of PacLand

SHIRT TALES VOLUME 1 - Horsin' Around, Mission Mutt, Vacation For Dinkel, Wingman, Digger Runs Away, Figby The Spoiled Cat, The Case of the Golden Armor, Crumbling's Circus Caper

SMURFS VOLUME 1- The Man In The Moon, Smurfette's Sweet Tooth, The Master Smurf, Smurfette's Golden Tresses, The Patchwork Bear, Master Scruple, Scruple's Sweetheart, Put Upon Puppy, The Most Unsmurfy Game, The Smurfstalker, The Smurfling's Unsmurfy Friend, Smurfette's Flower, Papa's Last Spell, Snappy's Way, The Village Vandal, Essence of Brainy, Bookworm Smurf, Journey to the Center of the Smurf, Jokey's Cloak, The Gallant Smurf, Handy's Windo Vision, Don Smurfo, Gargamel's Dummy, Head Over Hogatha, The Color Smurfy, The Horn Of Plenty, Heart Of Gold, Baby's New Toy, The&amp;nbsp;Last Whipoorwhill, The Enchanted Quill

SMURFS VOLUME 2 - 20 episodes Plus The Magic Flute - Sleepless Smurfs, Gargamel's Sweetheart, Scarlet Croaker, The Root of Evil, Dr. Evil Mr. Nice, Bad Luck Smurfs, Smurf On The Run, Smurf Pet, A Mere Truffle, Greedy and the Porridge Pot, Harmony Steals The Show, Smurfing For Gold, Jokey's Joke Book, Papa's Wedding Day, Poet's Storybook, The Fastest Wizard In The World, Smurfing The Unicorn, Vanity's Closest Friend, Gargamel's Last Will, Dancing Bear, The Smufs and the Magic Flute

SMURFS VOLUME 3 - 28 episodes - A Gift For Papa's Day, Smurfing In Sign Language, Papa's Family Album, Have You Smurfed Your Pet Today?, Unsound Smurfs, Once In A Blue Moon, Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer, Smurflipication, Monster Smurfs, Tailor's Magic Needle, Hopping Cough Smurfs, He Who Smurfs Last, The Smurfiest of Friends, Puppy, Stuck On Smurfs, Brainy's Smarty Party, They're Smurfing Our Song, Baby's First Word, Reckless Smurfs, The World According to the Smurflings, Tattle Tail Smurfs, Timber Smurf, Greedy Goes On Strike, Papa Smurf Papa Smurf, Skyscraper Smurfs, Poet the Know It All

SMURFS VOLUME 4 - Heavenly Smurfs, Symbols of Wisdom, Stop and Smurf the Roses, The Gingerbread Smurfs, Jokey's Shadow, Tick Tock Smurfs, Jokey's Funny Bone, A Pet For Baby Smurf, The Traveler, The Incredible Shrinking Wizard, The Smurfs That Time Forgot, Lost In The Ages, Cave Smurfs, The Secret of Shadow Swamp, Breakfast at Greedy's, The Trojan Smurf, Smurf The Other Cheek, Petrified Smurfs, The Smurfulatic Smurfulator, A Circus For Baby Smurf, Bigmouth Smurf, Baby's Enchanted Didey, The Gallant Smurf, Don Smurfo, Gargamel's Dummy, Kow-Tow We Won't Bow

Smurfs Volume 5 (EP at 9 quality) 25 episodes: Big Mouth's Friend, Wild &amp; Wooly, The Dark-Ness Monster, The Grouchiest Game In Town, Marco Smurf &amp; The Pepper Pirates, Brainy Smurf Friend to All The Animals, Educating Bigmouth, The Comet Is Coming, Happy Unhappiness Day To You, The Great Slime Crop Failure, Smurfette's Gift, The Most Popular Smurf, Astrosmurf, PeeWits Unscrupulous Adventure, Baby's First Christmas, Calling Doctor Smurf, Can't Smurf The Music, The Royal Drum, Sorcerer Smurf, The Magical Meanie, Bewitched Bothered and Be-Smurfed, Sweepy Smurf, It's A Puppy's Life,Future Smurfed, Crying Smurfs

SMURFS VOLUME 6 - I Smurf To The Trees, Clumsy's Cloud, Soup A La Smurf, The Purple Smurf, Haunted Smurf, Painter And Poet, The Baby Smurf, The Fake Smurf, Now You Smurf Em Now You Don't, Spelunking Smurfs, Gargamel The Generous, The Abominable Snowbeast, Sir Hefty, The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No, Sister Smurf, S-Shivering S-Smurfs, The Adventures of Robin Smurf, The Cursed Country, The Black Helleborne, The Three Smurfketeers, The Sorcery of Maltrochu, The Goblin of Boulderwood, Gormandizing Greedy, Waste Not Smurf Not

SMURFS VOLUME 7 - The Enchanted Baby, Sleepwalking Smurfs, Smurf Me No Flowers, The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of, The Box of Dirty Tricks, Dreamy's Nightmare, All That Glitters Isn't Smurf, The Smurfs Christmas Special, Romeo And Smurfette, Symphony In C, The Magic Egg, Sideshow Smurf, Paradise Smurfed, Supersmurf, Johan's Army, The Lost City of Yore, The Magic Fountain

SMURFS VOLUME 8 - The Magnifying Mixture, Foul Weather Smurf, Smurfette's Dancing Shoes, The Imposter King, The Smurf Fire Brigade, The Winged Wizard, The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs, For The Love Of Gargamel, The Haunted Castle, Smurfs At Sea, The Raven Wizard, The Last Smurfberry, Born Rotten, The Tear of A Smurf, A Little Smurf Confidence, Hogatha's Heart Throb, The First Telesmurf, Handy's Kite, The Ring of Castellac, Turncoat Smurf, The Sky Is Smurfing The Sky Is Smurfing, Return of Clockwork Smurf, The Littlest Giant, The Prince and the Peewit

SNORKS VOLUME 1 - Journey to the Source, Hooked On A Feeling, Vandal Scandal, The Ugly Yuckfish, Which Snork Snitched, The Littlest Mermaid, Snorkymania, Now You Seahorse Now You Don't, Allstar's All Star Band, A Sign of the Tides, Snork Marks The Spot, Snorkdance, Junior's Secret, The Blue Coral Necklace, Up UP And Awave, Gills Just Wanna Have Fun, The Snorkness Monster, Snorkin Surf Party, Allstar's Double Trouble, A Snork On The Wild Side, Me Jo-Jo You Daffney, Fine Fettered Friends, Time Out For Sissies, The Old Shell Game, The King of Kelp, Whale Tales, Snorkitis Is Nothing..., The Whole Toot &amp; Nothing But The Toot, Chickens of the Sea, Never Cry Wolf-fish, Learn To Love Your Snork, Dr.Strangesnork, Allstar's Freshwater Adventure, A Hard Day's Snork

SNORKS VOLUME 2 - It's Just a Matter of Slime, Water Friends For?, The Shape of Snorks To Come, Junior's Octopuppy, Casey &amp; The Doubleheader, Das Boot, A Snorking We Will Go, Guess What's Coming To Dinner, The New Neighbors, The Backwards Snork, All's Whale That Ends Whale, Allstar's Last Hour, Sea Shore Sideshow, Snip &amp; Snap, A Willie Scary Shalloween, Junior's Empire, Freeze Save Our Town, The Shady Shadow, Tooter Loves Tadah, Daffney's Ransom, The Sand Witch, Salmon Enchanted Evening, Jo-Jo In Control, Mummy Snorkest, Casey In Sandland, The Day The Ocean Stood Still, The Golden Dolphin, Chills Drills &amp; Spills, It's Always Darkest Before..., Willie &amp; Smallstar's Big Adventure

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends (3 VHS SP at 9 quality) - Tape 1: A Firestar is Born, Triumph of the Green Goblin, Spidey Goes Hollywood, Origin of the Spiderfriends, Sunfire ---Tape 2: Swarm, The Fantastic Mr. Frump, Pawns of the Kingpin, The Vengeance of Loki, Spider-Man Unmasked! --- Tape 3:


SUPERFRIENDS LEGENDARY SUPER POWERS SHOW VOLUME 1 - The Case of the Dreadful Dolls, The Royal Ruse, The Bride of Darkseid 1-2, The Case of the Shrinking Superfriends, The Mask of Mystery, Darkseid's Golden Trap 1-2, Island of The Dinosoids, Uncle Mxyzptik

THUNDERCATS VOLUME 1 (SP) - The Spaceship Beneath The Sands, The Time Capsule, All That Glitters, Spitting Image, Mongor, Return to Thundera